St. John the Baptist Religious Education

School Year 2017 -2018


Classes will begin meeting on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Class Meeting Time ~ 8:30-9:55am

Every family is asked to complete a 2017/18 Registration Form. 

Please provide Registration Form to the RE Office prior to September 6, 2017.

Tuition Fees are due in the RE Office by first class meeting.

Tuition Rates:  $60/1 child; $90/2 Children; $120/3 children; $150 4+ children


Tuition is waived for those who commit as Catechists for the full year.

Every Catechist/Aide/Volunteer 17 years of age and older will complete a CORI Form.


St. John the Baptist will host a First Holy Communion Class

pending adequate student/staffing numbers, per PGC Guidelines. 

Students of any age, with prerequisites met (below), are welcomed to join us as we prepare 

for two Sacraments in this very important year.


Students, of any age, are welcomed to attend the First Year Program offered here as introduction 

and for readiness prior to their entry into the First Communion Year Program. 

Every child wishing to enter the First Communion Year Program must have attended Grade 1

of our First Year Program prior to their entry into the First Communion Program. 


Enrollment for participation in the 2017/18 RE Program is open to the children of registered

parishioners from St James and St John the Baptist Parishes. 

For those new to our Parish, a copy of Baptism Certificate and documentation of prior attendance

in an RE Program elsewhere are requested at time of enrollment. 


The complete St John the Baptist 2017/18 School Year Program Meeting Schedule is pending staffing/enrollment, but should be finalized and published very soon!

Any questions may be directed to Renee, Administrator of Religious Education. 

Call 978-521-4557     Email:


Vacation Bible School 2016

July 11-15 at St. John the Baptist Church

Click on photos to enlarge.

During Vacation Bible School, our little ones heard the parable of the Sower and the Seeds.  As a lesson and in service to our parish, each child was given a small bag with seeds and a plastic spoon. Father Murray had someone till the garden for us, and each child dug a hole and planted their seeds! 

We hope to enjoy some pretty flowers in the garden. Should there be an abundance, we hope to send the flowers up to the pantry to allow anyone the pleasure of small bouquets! 


Our church hall transformed into a Barn Yard Round-Up!





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