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Saint James Parish - Music Program


ADULT ENGLISH CHOIR:  a choir sings twice a month at the 4pm Mass on Saturday, with a rehearsal immediately prior to the Mass (3pm) in the church.  PLEASE JOIN US AS OFTEN AS YOU ARE ABLE.

CONTEMPORARY CHOIR:  a choir with guitars, piano, drums, etc, and a more "contemporary flair" -- for teenagers and adults -- sings on the fourth Sunday of the month at the 8:30am Mass.

CHILDREN'S CHOIR (FAMILY MASS CHOIR):  all school-age children and young adults are invited to join -- we will sing once a month at the Family Mass (Sunday 8:30am Mass).  
ADULT SPANISH CHOIR:  the choir sings weekly at the 11:30am Mass on Sunday.  Rehearsals are every TUESDAY at 7pm in the Parish Center.

ADULT VIETNAMESE CHOIR:  the choir sings weekly at the 7pm Mass on Saturday.  Rehearsals are held immediately after the Mass.

Funeral Music Planning:  please consult our music planning page on this website for information and suggestions.

Please direct your questions to anyone in the music ministry at St. James Church or send an email to Cynthia Arsenault at

Saint John the Baptist Parish 

Music Program 

Our Parish Choir is open to adults and children (grade 3 and up).  The Parish Choir sings at the 10:00 a.m. Mass every Sunday.  Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Church choir loft.  Rehearsals generally last for 45 to 60 minutes.  (One of the front doors on the Lincoln Avenue side of the church will be unlocked).  As a member of the choir you will not be expected to sing every Sunday.  We hope you’ll sing as often as you can.  We do ask that you try to attend rehearsal if you plan to sing Sunday.

For the special seasons of the year, such as Advent, Christmas and Holy Week, we invite you to sing with our Seasonal Choir.  This gives you the opportunity to join in for just a few weeks at a time if you can’t participate regularly all year.  Rehearsals follow the regular Parish Choir rehearsals beginning at about 7:15 and lasting for about an hour.  The dates for seasonal rehearsals and events will be announced in the bulletin in advance of each season.

Cantors are often members of the Parish Choir but that is not a requirement.  We are always in need of cantors.  If you would like to serve our Parish in this capacity please see Phil after Mass or write to him at


All of you that are willing to help out in a choir or as a cantor will be provided with helpful material that makes it easy for you to learn and practice your music.  We have demonstration recordings of just about everything we sing and they will be made available to you.  You will be given as much individual coaching as you want.  


Instrumentalists are also invited to participate in the music ministry.  Contact Phil if you would like to offer your talent as an instrumentalist.  You can see him after Mass or email him at  


Funeral Music Planning: Please visit our planning page on this website for more information and planning suggestions.


Please direct your questions to anyone in the music ministry at St. John's Church or send an email to Phil Clayton at 



















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