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St. James Parish Mission Statement

Saint James, the Mother Parish of Haverhill, is a Roman Catholic Community of faith established in 1859 to offer God's spiritual comfort to people struggling to service in a land that was new and strange to them.  Originally ministering to the newly-arrived Irish, our parish family has grown over its long history, continuing to welcome new brothers and sisters in Christ, most recently those of Hispanic and Vietnamese heritage.  We are striving to build a more unified community of believers, while incorporating the individual ethnic traditions of our entire parish family.  While we recognize our diversity we also recognize our oneness in the Lord, our unity in faith.  Through our celebration of the Eucharist, in spiritual, educational and cultural opportunities and through the service organizations of the parish, we attempt to live out the Gospel message and to be an example of Christ's presence in our community.

St. John the Baptist Mission Statement

We Celebrate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ centered in the Eucharist, Sacraments and prayer.  We teach the Gospel in order to strengthen the faith of each individual in their knowledge of and in their relationship with God.  We live the Gospel by loving each other, granting forgiveness, and doing works of service and charity.




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About Our Parishes

Deeply committed to Jesus Christ, we endeavor to become a unified community of faith, worship, and service. We strive to be a warm, welcoming and caring parish in which the gifts and talents of all, young and old, are recognized and graciously used to nourish others.

‚ÄčThe St. James Cemetery on Primrose Street is run and maintained by the Cemetery Office of the Archdiocese of Boston. Any questions and/or concern should be directed to them at:

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